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Google rolls out its header bidding alternative with open beta of Exchange Bidding now live

Google is announcing the extended roll out of its counter to header bidding technology with the launch of the open beta of Exchange Bidding on DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP).

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WTF is RTB 3.0?

The structure of RTB 3.0 cuts down duplicative code, which will drive faster bidding.


Snapchat launches self-serve Ad Manager, with no minimum spend

Snapchat has rolled out its Ad Manager tools, enabling advertisers to create Snap Ads in less than two minutes.

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Analysis finds Nielsen data used by modelers undercounts TV's ROI by as much as 20%

Analysis of TV audience data used by modelers to measure the return on investment for ad spending found that it is sorely lacking, and in some cases misrepresents TV’s ROI.


Traffic a major driver in powering drive time radio

The latest BRC RAM numbers continue to reflect longer listening times and a listening curve that no longer has sharp peaks that stand out during the drive time periods.

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